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RMZ Enterprises was established by inspiration, built with a purpose and driven by a vision. We are dedicated to delivering a valued standard, yielding benefits measurable to every customer.

Where there is a need, we are driven to meet it. If there is a better way, a better system or a better product, we are compelled to find it and make it available. Our commitment demands and has required us, at times, to go beyond the parameters established by competitors and industry standards. Every customer deserves maximum return for every dollar paid for roofing services, which is why we consistently deliver quality workmanship with a pro-active approach. Times have changed in the roofing industry and in order to provide optimal roofing solutions, we must be uncompromising on every level of service. We must provide yesterday’s quality workmanship with today’s product technology if we are to yield tomorrow’s return on investment to our customers. Our reputation depends on it. Your dollar requires it.

We have built our reputation on quality workmanship, reliability and competitive prices. Our highly-trained project consultants are available to provide estimates to you in a timely manner. RMZ Enterprises skilled craftsmen can accurately assess your situation and expedite any job quickly and to your complete satisfaction. For your complete protection, RMZ Enterprises is fully licensed, insured and A+ rated by our Wisconsin Better Business Bureau.

If you are in need of a roofing solution, partner with RMZ Enterprises. We are committed to providing you with options that will meet your need today, and save you $$$ tomorrow.

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Whether it’s a new construction or existing building roofing project, flat roof or sloped, RMZ Enterprises does it all. We have a system for every roofing need, we can do what’s precisely right for you. We’ll take a thorough look at your roofing needs, and recommend the right roofing system for your building, climate and budget. And we always provide expert installation, with the highest quality, professionalism and integrity.

Quality materials and excellent workmanship.


As a roofing contractor, we strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of industry knowledge, the highest quality workmanship and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied.

Residential Roofing


Earning your business by focusing completely on best quality and outstanding service.

No single home improvement project can have such a significant impact on your home as installing a new roof. Roofing replacement can be a major headache and expense when done incorrectly. Whether your roof is shingled or flat, RMZ Enterprises has the product line and expertise to complete your job correctly, on time and within your budget. You can rest assured that not only will your home look beautiful, but it will increase in value.

In addition to improving appearance and increasing your home’s worth, a professionally installed roof will give you and your family additional protection from snow, wind, rain, heat, and cold.

Whether you have a roof leak, need your roof replaced or you would like to know if recent storm damaged your roof, RMZ Enterprises will be your most quality oriented roofing contractor in Madison and entire Dane County, Wisconsin.

Please ask yourself, when it comes to replacing your roof:

- Is low price more important to you than quality?

- Is being able to pay for the service with the newest app on your smartphone more important to you than working with somebody who is trustworthy and well known in your neighborhood?

- Is completing your roofing project in five hours more important to you than having confidence that you will never have to fix your roof again?

We hope you have answered "no" to all 3 questions, because that means you love quality plus great looks combined with peace of mind and that's our number one specialty.


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Vinyl provides enduring beauty and design flexibility. Using a variety of siding and soffit styles, colors, accessories and trim, you can update a ranch, add character to a colonial or even recreate a Victorian. Moreover, you can select siding that will be consistent with your home’s design and fit into the environment and neighboring homes of Madison, Waunakee, Sun Prairie or any other Dane County residence...

Vinyl is now the number-one siding material available. And for good reason: nothing beats vinyl siding, accessories and trim for sheer endurance. Vinyl is impervious to rain, cold, salt and snow. And vinyl won’t rot, peel, dent or show scratches, nor will it ever need painting. A simple soap-and-water rinse once a year is all that’s required to remove dirt and maintain the look of freshly painted wood.



Gutter systems are designed to collect water (rain) from the roofing area and disperse the water away from your home. Properly configured downspouts (leaders, drain pipes) are important to protect your home against costly damage. A faulty gutter system can contribute to damage to soffits, fascias, shingles, foundations, driveways, walkways, and landscaping. Seamless gutters won’t leak at seams because there are none; sections join only at inside and outside corners and at downspout outlets.

Gutter systems require maintenance to insure protection for your home. Make sure your gutters are free from debris, leaves, granules from shingles, and birds’ nests. The extreme exposure to nature can also cause sealant failures. Snow & ice can loosen fasteners and should be repaired immediately to prevent costly repairs.

Regular size gutters & oversized downspouts

On all of our residential jobs we install regular size gutters, but oversized downspouts to make sure that all small particles in the gutter have a better way to flow away from the house. Most important factor in gutter installation is correctly pitched gutter so water does not stand in the gutter, but instead rapidly flows to downspouts. We don’t use drip edge at eves, instead we use gutter flashing (gutter apron). We make sure that when we install a new roof with new gutters – it becomes a whole, efficient working system. We did not invent the way we install gutters and roofs, but we have done everything to perfect it.

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Madison / Dane County Roofing Company

We are a premier leader in local roofing solutions. We don't compete with other roofing contractors. Instead, we try to earn your business by focusing completely on professionalism, best quality and outstanding service. 

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Commercial / Industrial Roofing


Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Key Features

  • Weatherability / durability of the sheet — the longest lasting membrane

Additional Features

  • Flexible application:

Ballasted — loose-laid membrane that is held in place with stone
Mechanically attached — secured to the roof deck with mechanical fasteners
Fully adhered — glued directly to the roof insulation

  • Can be used on both new and existing roofs


Durable, versatile and attractive, thermoplastics are a popular choice for many reasons and used by almost every contractor.

Key Features

  • Light colored
  • Reflects heat for lower utility costs and greater comfort inside
  • Attractive — aesthetically pleasing, especially for sloped applications
  • Heat — weldability

Additional Features

  • More tear-resistant than EPDM membranes — up to five times more puncture-and tear-resistant than a non-reinforced EPDM membrane
  • Much more resistant to animal fats, oils, and contaminants than rubber (EPDM) is
  • More suited to chemical situations — some can withstand significant chemical attack
  • Can be applied in the winter
  • Can offer compatible thermoplastic-clad metal flashings


  • Less resistant to ultra-violet attack than EPDM (rubber membranes)

Thermoplastic Olefins (TPOs) combine the unparalleled durability of rubber membranes with the superior seaming process of PVC, providing the best of both in a single membrane.

Key Features

  • Durability of rubber combined with the strong (heat weldable) seams of PVC

Additional Features

  • All the advantages of thermoplastics
  • Aesthetics (some limited color options)
  • Reflection (available in light-colored sheets)
  • Increased tear-resistance
  • Chemical-durability
  • Can be applied in cold weather


  • Relatively new technology; not market-proven yet, which takes about 20 years


Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy (EIPs) are resistant to animal fats and chemicals — for restaurant roofing there’s no better option.

Key Features

  • Most resistant to animal fats and chemicals of all roofing membranes
  • Best choice for restaurants
  • Proven performance — more than 20 years of market use

Additional Features

  • Plasticizers do not leave the sheet, allowing the membrane to remain flexible


  • Initial cost can be high relative to other systems


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) features strong seams and, because it’s resin-based, a great deal of color flexibility.

Key Features

  • Heat-weldable seam — strongest seaming technology in the business

Additional Features

  • Can custom mix colors to create a desired look
  • Compatible thermoplastic-clad flashings are available


  • UV stability can be an issue
  • Plasticizer migration can cause PVC to become rigid and crack

Modified Bitumen

Asphalt-based systems have been proven performers on high-traffic roofs for years.

Key Features

  • Perfect for heavy traffic areas and roofs that see a lot of abuse

Additional Features

  • Rubber compounds are added to asphalt
  • Makes the asphalt less brittle
  • Adds to the roof’s ability to withstand weather changes
  • Can be applied during colder months


  • Ponding water can shorten the roof’s effective service life
  • May require open flame for installation
  • Odor during installation can be offensive


  • Weak warranties—does not always require a manufacturer’s inspection


  • We offer the leading roofing materials from the best manufacturers delivered directly from our local Madison suppliers.  
  • Expert installation for the most demanding commercial applications.

Built Up Roofs

Once the traditional approach to flat roofing in America, Built-Up Roofing Systems are enjoying renewed popularity due to significant improvements in materials, design and application techniques.

Key Feature

  • Durability. The strength of today’s composite, built-up roofing systems make them resistant to puncturing and general rooftop abuse. They are often a great choice for roofs that see a great deal of traffic.

Additional Features

  • Good life expectancy (15-25 years) if properly maintained
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Reliable
  • Can be completed without a final coat of gravel for projects requiring a finished surface that is both smooth and ultraviolet light-reflective


  • Limited ability to handle expansion and contraction requiring the installation of expansion joints
  • Ponding water can shorten the roof’s effective service life
  • Can emit an offensive odor during the installation process
  • Caution required during installation due to the need for an open flame
  • More maintenance is generally required

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